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     We are an Environmental Service Provider (ESP) that collects non-metallic recyclable waste and sends it to Tadweer/CWM approved recycling traders or factories. We can help you setup sorting procedures and continaers to separate your recyclable waste in order to send your waste to recycling instead of paying fees for sending mixed waste to the landfill.

Environmental Service Provider

About us

We are an Environmental Service Provider (ESP) that collects non-metallic recyclable waste and sends it to recycling traders or factories. We specialize in helping companies combine recycling with a reduction of the waste tariff fees that all private companies in Abu Dhabi have to pay to the Center of Waste Management (CWM) in order to renew their trade license (refer to As per CWM, large waste producing companies who paid the maximum waste tariff fee of AED 50,000, need to quantify, reduce and recycle their waste in order to avoid paying a penalty upto AED 45,000 when renewing their trade license. CWM is currently requesting large waste producers to submit three main items to be considered for reduction of penalty:

  • Contract with ESP for collecting the waste.

  • CWM Manifest report for each collection.

  • Waste Reduction Plan.


We can help your company set up a recycling system that will help you implement programs to reduce waste production and recycle in order to achieve the 20 % compliance target to reduce your waste tariff value for the following year renewal.



Recycling system setup for your Office, School or Residential premises.

Supply of sorting bins made from recycled wood at affordable prices.

Help you reduce general waste fees by separating recyclables that generate a revenue.

Collection of small volume quantities from offices or large volumes from factories.

Daily/Weekly/Monthly collection of waste with Tadweer/CWM electronic Manifest certificate for every collection.

Advice on using Tadweer website "Bolisaty".



Recycling system setup, Eco Friendly Sorting bins and Collection & Recycling of varoius waste types.

You will find the latest information about us on this page. We provide a wide range of services. If you want to contact us, please call us or fill the contact form below:




Office 42 Plot 40 M40 Mussafah

Abu Dhabi


P.O.Box 131239


+971 (02) 58 383 28